Lutheran Memorial Church,

a member of the ELCA and SD Synod

Mission Statement


Jesus Christ invites people into this worshiping community. Lutheran Memorial exists to equip them for ministry, and so equipped we live our faith to build up the body of Christ in the world.


Lutheran Memorial is a dynamic Christian Community which exists to glorify God in Jesus Christ. We see ourselves as a center for continued Christian Growth for individuals, couples and families in all stages of their lives. All people are truly welcome here in this place!

We are committed to

  • Worship as a dynamic experience in the presence of God through Word, Sacraments, music and Christian community.
  • Share the invitation given to everyone from Jesus Christ, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey.
  • Bless individuals, couples and families to discover and strengthen their gifts of faith through Bible study, prayer and service in our church, community and world.
  • Answer Jesus' call to meet hurting people with the Living Word, through Christian Care giving.

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