Our Strategic Plan

Lutheran Memorial is a dynamic congregation.

We are constantly changing. We are “Becoming People of God for All People of God”. What are we to become and who are we to serve? To answer those questions we have undertaken a planning process that includes both a congregation-wide survey and a “listening” campaign with both internal and external components. Through this process we have learned what it will take for us to become the people God wants us to be in order to serve the people he loves.

We’ve learned that there are many great needs in our community and we’ve also learned that God has already blessed us with gifts we need in order to do the work. Through God’s grace this congregation has been blessed with a talented and energetic staff. As members of this congregation we have been blessed with the talent, energy and financial resources to serve God’s people while becoming God’s people.


Paul Knecht, Strategic Planning Team Chair

Our Purpose: To be a center of Christian growth for individuals, couples, and families in all stages of their lives as we deeply engage with our neighbors.
The next steps will build on the strengths of our congregation as we implement a plan for existing and expanding ministries, staffing, and programs engaging needs in our neighborhood. Lutheran Memorial will become a center for people in all stages of their life.


We creatively use different styles of worship to meet the needs of people’s experiences with God and the schedules of their lives.


We create and adapt to the changing culture around us for the sake of making the Gospel relevant.


We are blessed with the talents of many volunteers; we are blessed with the
financial gifts of people within our church and our community.


We are ready to learn, ready to serve, ready to mentor, and ready to enter the next chapter God is calling us into.

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