Why Lutheran?

Explore the history of our faith, and learn what Martin Luther might say today!

We joined Pastor Craig in a 5 part study to learn more...

Part 1

The motivating force behind Luther's drive towards the Reformation, was his desire to care for the souls of his parishioners and his community. He himself was plagued by fear that he was never good enough in God's eyes as a monk, but as a pastor, and as his study of the Bible grew, he discovered that what was being taught by the Church dogma was inconsistent with what the Gospel of Christ really meant for us as followers of God's Word. Luther gave his people the gift of the translated Bible into their common language, he helped create an education/school system for both boys and girls, he utilized Guttenberg's printing press to prolifically share these written works, and he taught the people of the Church to start holding their leaders accountable for what was being preached and taught.

Join us next week in Adult Education to learn about the inventive way that Luther began to teach so that even the illiterate people of Saxony, which were most everyone, could begin to read, teach, and fall in love with the Biblical story. All are welcome even if the previous session was missed!

Part 2

"Once Luther's reformation started to take shape and the outcomes of a new found understanding of the biblical language, education and accountability of church leaders became important. Luther's catechism was created to be a teaching component to the Bible to help teach people about the foundations of our faith, formed from the Biblical story, and also memorized by most everyone for the sake of their excitement of finally learning the true Gospel and defending this story at all costs."

Part 3

"After pressing through Luther's Small Catechism, engaging in incredibly thoughtful questions, discerning how any of this tool applies to us in 2017, our adult education group was reminded by the heart of the Gospel, and reminded by Luther's conviction of caring for the neighbor--and ultimately, caring for the human soul. Luther reminds us that we are to fear and love the Lord, our God, because he is the ultimate holder of our souls, but through the Gospel, we know that ultimately, God wants everything good for us. We are in the middle of a battle between good and evil in our lives--we are in the middle of a battle of distractions and mixed priorities, but Luther argues that the church is a place where we can come to be surrounded by God's Word of love, compassion, and forgiveness, so that we can go back out into the world, and live lives of caring for our neighbors around us--not out of fear that God will frown upon us if we don't--not for the sake of our salvation, but because Jesus simply told us that our neighbors need us to make it through this life--never alone! Faith Alone, Word Alone, Grace Alone!"