Ideas to try at home...


Share messages of encouragement with your neighbors! Have your kiddos gather a couple of rocks from outside. Paint or color them with markers and add a positive message: You Rock!, Jesus Loves You! You are Cool! You matter! You are loved!
Stay faithful!
Share your rocks with someone in your home or leave them on a neighbor's doorstep.

God made everything

Kiddos can make a collage of all the things God made! Have them cut pictures from magazines, newspapers, catalogs, junk mail, etc. Make collages or pictures with the cutouts! Be creative and let us see your creations!

Adam and Eve were tempted

Give your kiddos a brain break by doing this quick game. Remember Adam and Eve while you're trying to see who can stack the most apples! I suggest doing this on a rug or towel so the apples don't get bruised when they tip. If you don't have apples, that's ok! Stack anything! It can be a little competitive and a fun, quick activity for everyone in your family to get a few laughs and a short break from the mundane!

Thinking of others...

How about writing a letter, a poem, a story, color a picture or make a card and mail them to our nursing homes? The residents would love a message from our kids. Let’s fight the loneliness with a message of God’s love from LMC.

5 Finger Prayer

Trace your kiddos' hands with crayons or markers and practice this five finger prayer activity. If you can tolerate the mess, paint their hand and let them make a handprint on a piece of paper. (Yes, I said paint! When you're done, it's a really good way to demonstrate to kids how 20 seconds of scrubbing is really important for cleaning our hands thoroughly!)

Prayer is the best way we can encourage kids to give their worries to God and care, through prayer, for others! This small craft only takes a few minutes but it helps you connect in prayer in an easy way with your children.

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BUGS in the BIBLE!

Did you know there are BUGS in your Bible?! Not actual bugs, but there are bugs in there...Check out this fun BUG HUNT! And then go see if you can find some bugs in your backyard!

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