In baptism, by water and the Word, God makes us his own, calling us to himself, giving us the Holy Spirit, and bringing us into the church community to be nourished by faith. In confirmation, we take a stand and publicly claim Christian faith for ourselves.

At Lutheran Memorial Church, confirmation class is a three year program in which 6th-8th graders and others learn what the church believes, what it means to be Christian, and decide for themselves whether they want to be part of the community of faith.

Through reading the Bible, worshiping, praying, and serving, students encounter God's love and his incredible, breath-taking, life-changing story of salvation.

Q: How can I belong to Jesus and be with him forever?
A: Only by trusting in His generous gift to save me.

Students learn these questions and answers, and review them for a short quiz on the activity day that ends each unit. The Bible unit, for example, ends with a massive
all-confirmation game of Capture the Flag.

If you're interested in registering your student for confirmation, please click here.

If you have a student in confirmation, ask them what questions they are learning, what song they're singing this unit, and what Bible passage they read this week!