Stepping Stones

Our "Stepping Stones Ministry" is a series of milestones in the lives of our youth here at Lutheran Memorial Church.
We have phases in our children's lives in which they receive tools and and other acknowledgments that bridge the gap between their faith life, and the world around them.
From faith pillows, to Bibles, to quilts at graduation, our congregation takes pride in supporting our families in their faith journeys.

Prayer Pillows

Each fall, 3 year old children receive a prayer pillow. They are welcomed up front during worship and given to them.

There is a pocket on the front of the unique pillow that has special prayers tucked inside. Your child will enjoy practicing these prayers with you at home!

1st Grade Devotional Cards

Faith Talk cards are given to the 1st Graders. They are given to encourage faith conversations among children and adults in their lives.

3rd Grade Bibles

All 3rd graders receive the Hands-On Bible. Parents and youth have a session with our pastor to learn how to use their bible and are encouraged to bring it to church school.

4th Grade First Communion

There are many different parts to First Communion. The 4th grade class meets twice with a pastor during Wednesday School/Sunday School.

On Sunday evening from 4-6 pm they meet in the fellowship hall and learn how to make Matza. They also set-up tables for Wednesday Night Seder Meal. After all that hard work, they enjoy pizza for supper!

Wednesday night at 6 pm the 4th grade students, their parents, and invited guests, meet in the fellowship hall to participate in the Seder Meal together .

Maundy Thursday at 6:30 pm the 4th graders, parents, and guests, attend the service together. It is at that time that we celebrate their first communion.

6th Grade Bibles and Beginning of Confirmation

6th Grade marks the beginning of confirmation. They receive a bible that is for their age. They are in confirmation for 3 years which consists mostly of in-class instruction. Confirmation is held for grades 6th-8th.

2019 Confirmation Class

Senior Recognition

May on Mother’s Day we recognize those who will be graduating from High School. Every high school student receives a quilt from the quilters to remind them that many are praying for them in their new journey.